Mission and History

OAI’s Mission is to create an environment in which all people can access education, training and employment that will allow them to sustain and enjoy safe, secure and fulfilling lives.

OAI values innovation, respect for all people and their cultures, a passion for quality, dedication to hard work, and commitment to success.

Headquartered in downtown Chicago, OAI, inc. is a non-profit training and education agency founded in 1976 by current president Tipawan T-Q Reed.

Since its inception, OAI has helped thousands of individuals to improve their lives by effectively and responsibly managing more than $63 million in federal, state, city and foundation training program grants.

OAI’s programs provide training for both currently employed workers and unemployed or underemployed individuals who are in need of job skills and critical worker health & safety awareness.

OAI delivers training services to underserved populations and to fire and medical emergency first responders through programs in Chicago, IL; Kansas City, KS;Kansas City, MO; Dallas, TX;New York, NY; Savannah, GA: New Orleans, LA; and throughout the states of Maine, Kentucky, and Indiana.

With a budget of approximately $3.5 million, OAI employs 31 full-time diverse and seasoned professionals and support staff who, along with our cadre of consultants, have a broad range of expertise including:

OAI annually serves about 3,900 clients throughout the United States.

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